2G Hot Sale Asset Tracker A5E-3
A5E-3 is a 2G Vehicle GPS Tracker with a 7500mAh rechargeable lithium battery,

Mainly used for asset tracking, car rental, and hidden installation.

Different working modes for various application scenarios

Product Description


The BSJ Technology GPS asset tracker is the perfect solution for businesses looking to efficiently manage their assets. With advanced GPS tracking technology, this device allows for accurate real-time tracking of assets, making it easier than ever to monitor their location and status. This GPS asset tracker can be easily attached to assets such as vehicles, containers, and equipment, providing businesses with complete visibility over their assets.

Combined with professional asset tracking services, the BSJ Technology GPS asset tracker enables businesses to optimize asset management tracking. By streamlining operations and reducing costs associated with lost or stolen assets, businesses can improve their bottom line and enhance customer satisfaction.

In addition to asset management tracking, the BSJ Technology GPS asset tracker is also a versatile device that can be used in a variety of industries, including transportation, logistics, and construction. With its durable and weather-resistant design, this device is built to withstand harsh environments, making it an ideal solution for outdoor applications.

Investing in the BSJ Technology GPS asset tracker and professional asset tracking services is a smart choice for any business looking to improve asset management and streamline operations.


Product Features


Real-time Tracking

Upload the longitude and latitude information according to the time interval

Upload Blind Data

The device will store location data in the network blind area, and upload this data when the GSM signal is good.

Multiple Working Modes

Tracking mode; Timing mode; Alarm wake-up mode; suitable for different usage scenarios


Dial the SIM card number in the device from the mobile phone, you can directly listen to the sounds around the car
Remote Upgrade

The device supports updating firmware versions remotely.
Over-speed Alarm
Set the maximum speed limit value through the platform or SMS command. When the GPS speed exceeds the set value, the device will upload an alarm to the server

Rechargeable Battery

Built-in 7500mAh rechargeable lithium battery 

SMS Query

Send “WHERE#” through SMS or platform to get latitude and longitude, current time, speed, ACC status, and Google Maps link.

Strong Magnetic

Built-in multiple magnetic beads, easy-to-install hidden

Light Alarm

Demolition Alarm switch on, The terminal will report a light sensor alarm from invisible to visible light

Product Specification

GPS Channels22 Channels For Tracking, 66 Channels For Acquisition
GPS FrequencyGlonass:1602MHz; GPS:1575.42MHz

GPS Ceramic Antenna
Tracking Sensitivity-165dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity-148dBm
Communication SystemGSM


Class 12, TCP/IP
Maximum Output PowerGSM850/GSM900: 32.5±2dBm; GSM1800/GSM1900: 30±2dBm
Receiving SensitivityClass|| RBER2%(-103dBm)

Communication Antenna
Built-in FPC Antenna 54.40*6.40*0.12mm(±0.2MM)
AntennaBuilt-in GPS ceramic antenna, built-in communication FPC antenna
LED IndicatorGPS: Yellow; GSM: Red

Charging Indicator
Red: Charging
Green: Fully charged
Battery Capacity7500mAh (2500mAh*3)
Working VoltageDC 5V

Working Current
Motion Model: 46mA@4V
The static current: 7.5mA@4V
Power saving mode: 70uA@4V

Standby Current

Working ModesReal-time tracking mode
Smart power-saving mode
Deep power saving mode

Motion Sensor
Application Description

The BSJ Technology GPS asset tracker is a powerful tool for businesses across a range of industries. In the transportation industry, this device can be used to track the location and status of vehicles, trailers, and other assets, allowing for efficient asset management tracking and improved customer satisfaction.

In the logistics industry, the GPS asset tracker can be used to track containers and other equipment, providing businesses with complete visibility over their assets and enabling them to optimize their supply chain operations.

In the construction industry, the GPS asset tracker can be used to monitor the location and usage of equipment, reducing the risk of theft and improving asset management tracking. This device can also be used to track the location of construction materials, ensuring that they are delivered to the right location at the right time.

With professional asset tracking services, businesses can take full advantage of the BSJ Technology GPS asset tracker, optimizing their asset management tracking and improving their bottom line. From transportation and logistics to construction and beyond, this device is the ideal solution for businesses looking to efficiently manage their assets.