4G CAT.1 Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker
KG-10A is a 4G CAT.1 Vehicle GPS tracker with solid GPS tracking capability and Gyroscope (6-axis + 3-axis) .

9-90v wide voltage suitable for all types of vehicles .

It is widely used in car rental, motorbike, fleet management and logistics.

It supports remote power cutoff to protect your vehicle at all times.

Product Features


Real-time Tracking

Upload the longitude and latitude information according to the time interval

Upload Data In Blind Area

The device will store location data in network blind area, upload this data when the GSM signal is good.

Upload Inflection Data

When the direction angle of the device changes by more than a certain angle, one location data will be uploaded immediately to optimize the trajector.

Power Off Alarm

Turn on backup battery, when the vehicle voltage is lower than 5v, the device upload an alarm to the server
Remote Upgrade

The device supports update firmware version remotely.
Over-speed Alarm
Set the maximum speed limit value through the platform or SMS command. When the GPS speed exceeds the set value, the device will upload an alarm to the server

Basic Driving Behavior Monitoring

Support uploading rapid acceleration alarm, rapid deceleration alarm, sharp turns alarm, collision alarm, vibration alarm to server

SMS Query

Send “WHERE#” through SMS or platform to get latitude and longitude, current time, speed, ACC status, Google Maps link.

ACC On/Off Status

Uploaded location data with the ACC on/off status each time

Fuel Cut Off

Cut off/supply fuel remotely through server or SMS



GPS Channels22 Channels For Tracking, 66 Channels For Acquisition
GPS FrequencyGPS Frequency: 1575.42±2MHz;BD Frequency: 1561.098±2MHz

GPS Ceramic Antenna
Tracking Sensitivity-165dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity-148dBm
Communication SystemTDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/GSM
Maximum Output PowerGSM900 Class433±2dBm,GSM1800 Class130±2dBm
LTE FDD: 23±2dBm, LTE TDD: 23±2dBm
Receiving SensitivityGSM: (-109dBm);LTE FDD: (-98dBm);LTE TDD:  (-98dBm)

Communication Antenna
Built-in FPC Antenna 61.43*18.3*0.12(±0.2MM)
AntennaBuilt-in GPS ceramic antenna, built-in communication FPC antenna
LED IndicatorGPS: Yellow;GSM: Red
Standby Battery10Min (3.7V/55mAh lithium battery)
Working VoltageDC 9V - 90 V

Working Current
50mA@12V(Static Current 400uA)


Power Cable
4 Pin (Power+, GND, ACC, Fuel)

Motion Sensor