IoT smart padlock application solutions

Industry Status

With the arrival of the intelligent era, the traditional padlock can no longer meet the needs of people. In the process of use, it brings many troubles to users: forget to take the key to go out, the key is lost and can not be unlocked, easy to be unlocked by thieves, too many keys are not easy to manage and so on.

Forgot taking keys

The key rusted or broken

Easy to unlock by theft

Too many keys to manage

Solution introduction

Smart fingerprint Bluetooth lock is developed to solve these key points for users. In recent years, fingerprint recognition has gradually deepened from industrial application to civilian use, from the beginning of criminal investigation and identification, authorization of financial institutions, to mobile phones, safes, U disk, door locks, and even padlocks, drawer locks, etc., more and more places can see the application of fingerprint, fingerprint application is making our life more and more convenient.

Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the intelligent padlock is convenient and intelligent, which is conducive to management. At the same time, the fingerprint recognition accuracy reached 99.99%! It can not only save the inconvenience of key carrying and keeping keys, avoid the risk of key theft, provide reliable guarantee for security and privacy protection, but also have the advantages of simple operation, low power consumption and high intelligence.

Core Features

Live recognition technology, which effectively prevents fingerprint copying, provides you security.

Intelligent chip processing, fingerprint capture resolution contrast up to 500 DPI, unlock in just 0.5 seconds.

Built-in battery, long standby, equipped with USB emergency charging port, can be fully charged in 25 minutes.

360° Fingerprint Collection

IP65 Waterproof And Dustproof

USB Charging Port

Unlock Record Query

Remotely Authorize Unlocking

Aluminum Alloy Metal 

Lock Body


Fingerprint/Bluetooth/remote unlocking

Supports multiple unlocking methods, fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking and remote authorisation unlocking.

Unlocking Access Management

Manage locksmith permissions through the mobile app, add or remove others' locking permissions

View Unlocking Records 

You can view the unlock record on the mobile app, which contains the time, the person who opened the lock, the place where the lock was unlocked, etc.

USB Charging

When unlocking, the red light flashes, indicating that the power is too low, can be charged by USB, can last for half a year with one time full charge.

Solution Advantages

Solve the user's key point

Fingerprint Bluetooth padlock keyless application, no longer suffer from forgotten keys, lost keys, too dark to find the keyhole, etc.

Technology guaranteed

Keyless Bluetooth fingerprint padlock, low power consumption and low cost, safe and secure, not easy to be triggered when in idle time, only enter working mode when woken up, battery can be used continuously for half a year

Reducing the difficulty for public security authorities to solve cases

Every time the unlocking record can be checked, when the theft occurs, the suspect can be found according to the unlocking record, reducing the difficulty of solving the case

Wide range of applications

Smart fingerprint Bluetooth locks are safe and convenient to unlock and meet the needs of users, and can be widely used in daily scenarios. Such as door locks, vehicle locks, personal cabinets, backpacks, etc.