Intelligent hardware solutions for logistics and freight transport

Industry Status

In the environment of big data of the IOT, it is urgent for enterprises to manage the logistics effectiveness, goods in transit and arrival time. At the same time, when "buy buy buy" has become the norm of online shopping, people are paying more and more attention to the trivial matter of receiving and sending express and logistics.Especially in recent years, the news of barbaric delivery, subcontracting and resale of express delivery and logistics companies is not uncommon, which makes us want to know urgently, after putting our goods to express delivery and logistics, what kind of situation will it suffer? How does the logistics company operate?

At present, the traditional logistics is managing the location of goods through the car/driver APP. The location information of goods is not known until reached the logistics warehouse, which is not intelligent and inefficient.

Problems such as confusing quotations in the logistics industry, subcontracting by logistics companies, fleeing goods, goods arriving at logistics companies but not being shipped, etc.

Long information feedback period, scattered and unfocused information, complex reconciliation, high error rate, multi-layered subcontracting and lack of information.  

When the receipt is given to the driver, it is often lost or not received by the customer, leading to problems in signing the order and significant financial losses.

Scheme Introduction

Focusing on the cargo itself, the whole process is automatically tracked from the time the cargo are sent out to the time they are opened and signed for, monitoring each and every waybill and making the logistics and transport process visible.

Core Features

Real-time Positioning

Multi-point Tracking

Temperature Monitoring

Unpacking Notice

Abnormal Reminders

Cargo Arrival Notice

Route Deviation Reminders

Violation Warning

History Trajectory Query


Real-time tracking of the cargo's location and access to the trajectory of the cargo/vehicle on the platform for a period of 90 days.

Installing cameras in the vehicle allows supervisors to conduct real-time video surveillance of the interior of the vehicle to eliminate bad driver behaviour (talking on the phone, chatting, fatigue, etc.)

By installing temperature sensor in the vehicle, supervisors can monitor the temperature in real time and effectively monitor the cargo with temperature requirements

Alarm function, the management system can check the status of the cargo in real time, once the status of the cargo is abnormal (for example, the cargo exceed the fence area, the terminal will send alarm information quickly, the monitoring centre will immediately receive the alarm information)

Solution Advantages

Full transparency in the shipping process

The whole process of positioning and monitoring, the vehicle/cargo can be checked throughout the whole process, to ensure that the freight transportation process does not lose contact, do not flee the goods, prevent theft, replacement.

Improving efficiency

Support GPS/BeiDou/LBS/WiFi positioning technology, real-time tracking, advance notice before the arrival of freight vehicles, ready to pick up and unload the cargo, improve efficiency

Reducing accidents

With functions such as vehicle route deviation reminder, over speed alarm, fatigue driving, etc. regulating the driver's driving behaviour and reduce the accident rate.

Promote the image

Provide data support for driver performance assessment, intelligent scheduling, operation decision management, etc., and strengthen the usage management of logistics vehicles to enhance the company's image