Electric vehicle positioning management solution

Industry Status

Electric bicycles are getting more and more and faster, which not only seriously occupy the lane space, but also have many potential safety hazards. Some indicators exceed the provisions of the current "General Technical Conditions for Electric Bicycles", and their performance is close to or equal to that of electric mopeds. Traffic accidents occur frequently, resulting in a large number of casualties. In addition, the number of fires caused by electric bicycles has gradually increased.

Electric vehicles, motorcycles are many

Illegal driving, manned


Frequent thefts of electric bikes

Solution introduction

Boshijie electric vehicle anti-theft management system is a set of electric vehicle positioning anti-theft management system based on Internet of Things technology independently developed by Boshijie Technology. At the same time, relying on the vibration sensor, the vehicle data is transmitted back with the help of the wireless network, so as to realize the functions of remote access to vehicle information, real-time positioning, anti-theft tracking, and remote alarm, and realize the intelligent management of electric vehicles.

Core function

Real-time Tracking

History Track Playback


Vibration Alarm

Rotary Alarm

Power Off Alarm

Low Voltage Alarm

Mileage Statistics


Speed Monitoring

Real-time control of riding speed, intelligent reminder of speeding information

Satellite Positioning

Beidou + GPS positioning and navigation system for global positioning of electric bicycles

Burglar Alarm

The vehicle vibrates abnormally, the battery is stolen, and Displacement of electric vehicles occurs, and the owner's mobile phone receives an alarm message

Cycling data

Record vehicle riding track, duration and other data, and obtain electric bicycle travel data

Solution Advantage

Reduce the difficulty of solving cases by public security organs

Through the function of positioning and track query, it provides clues for the public security organs to solve the case, and severely cracks down on the theft of electric motorcycles

Reduce the owner's economic loss

The increase in the recovery rate after the loss of the electric motorcycle directly reduces the economic loss of the owner

Intelligent management

Keyless start, one-key arm/disarm, voice reminder and intelligent speed limit functions to promote the intelligence of the whole vehicle

Vehicle distribution visualization

Vehicle factory statistics, vehicle sales regional distribution, sales/inventory statistics and analysis, to provide effective data for vehicle marketing and after-sales

Vehicle management visualization

Visualization of position, trajectory, status, battery, faults, alarms, etc.

Vehicle management visualization

Visualization of position, trajectory, status, battery, faults, alarms, etc