Auto Finance Risk Control Management Solution

Industry Status

Auto credit leasing has a positive effect on stimulating the economy and promoting consumption. However, auto credit leasing has encountered many problems in its development, which has made the industry basically in a sub-healthy development state for many years. In the auto mortgage, auto leasing, and bank auto mortgage industries, because the fund side cannot grasp the location and actual use status of the vehicle, there are currently common situations such as fraudulent loan, fraudulent rent, malicious arrears of loan, and equipment dismantling, which are beneficial to auto loan companies. cause negative effects.

Malicious fraudulent loan

Vehicle secondary mortgage

Delinquent loan

Unable to grasp the whereabouts 

of the loan vehicle

Solution Introduction

According to the pre-loan risk control assessment data, to determine the risk level, install a wired GPS and multiple wireless GPS on the vehicle, which can effectively solve the major problems in the auto finance risk control industry. Through global satellite positioning technology, credit vehicles can be accurately monitored online in real time, the driving route is clear at a glance, the location of the vehicle can be grasped at any time, and a rapid, accurate and effective information transmission channel between banks or credit companies and vehicles can be established to realize the credit vehicle. Effective management.

Real time monitoring


base station

Slide design

Support chip 

SIM card

ACC detection

Second deposit area management

Wiring-free installation

Light alarm

Multi-base station positioning

Large ceramic antenna

Long standby


base station

Core functions

Risk Vehicle Monitoring

Second deposit point alarm

Out-of-province alarm

Abnormal stay

Zone alarm

Removal alarm

Emergency alarm

Overspeed alarm

1. Hidden installation of equipment, tracking hidden

2. Credit leasing companies and vehicles form a rapid, accurate and effective information transmission channel

1. The vehicle cross-border and cross-line alarm, effectively control the whereabouts of credit lease vehicles and customers

2. Emergency accident alarm to provide customers with timely vehicle rescue services and improve user satisfaction


1. When it is found that the customer maliciously defrauded the loan, defaulted on the loan or disappeared, the remote control will cut off the oil and power

1. Including daily mileage statistics and monthly mileage statistics, accurately record the mileage and time after customers use the car, and provide effective data for business settlement and billing

Vehicle positioning

Vehicle Alarm

Remote control

Report Statistics

Solution Advantage

Full status risk warning

Predict abnormal conditions, quickly find problems, and make up to 41 types of high-risk risk warnings, so that risks are not dead angles.

Flexible function customization

According to the customer's different needs for risk control management, the functional sections are divided, and the configuration is flexible to improve the efficiency.

Real-time vehicle dynamics

Real-time monitoring of location, support for satellite map, real map switching, vehicle history track, query at any time

Focus on vehicles

Focus on high-risk vehicles such as delinquent vehicles, conduct one-to-one accurate tracking, and monitor users 7*24 hours

Restore real user data

Through the unique data mining algorithm, quickly grasp the activity area of the lender, and clearly outline the user portrait

Visual report

Generate analysis reports for vehicle information, abnormal conditions, driver behavior, overdue repayments, etc.