Concrete mixer truck management overall solution

Industry Status

With the rapid economic development, urban construction is in full swing, and mixer trucks are often seen on the road. Concrete mixer truck overloading and speeding, illegal driving, too large blind spot and other problems often cause accidents and threaten people's life and property safety.

Not following the prescribed route

Fatigue driving

Over-speed driving

Spill along the way

Scheme introduction

Forward and reverse

indoor camera

DSM camera

Video terminal

ADAS Camera

Load cell

BSD camera

Audible alarm

Core Functions

Intelligent video real-time monitoring

Intelligent Right Blind Spot BSD Detection

Forward and reverse

Load detection

Face DMS fatigue detection

LED display alarm function

Overspeed and overload voice reminder

Sound and light alarm warning reminder

Monitoring center data report function


1. All-round high-definition real-time video surveillance and blind spot monitoring without dead angle

2. Wireless real-time intercom

3. Overspeed video forensics

4. Remote scheduling

1. The load cell automatically weighs and uploads to the platform

2. Real-time fuel consumption monitoring

1. Distracted driving, smoking, Gaze around, yawning, talking on the phone, hands off the steering wheel, close-up of the car in front, deviating from the road, etc.

1. Customize the detection operation status, such as forward and reverse rotation, air conditioning, etc.

Video Monitoring

Automated Management

Active prevention and control

Job Status Statistics

Solution advantage

The needs of "Government and enterprise" are fully met

 "Three-in-one" for Active safety warning system, DVR high-definition video recording system, driving recorder system

Full operation control

Supports up to 8 high-definition cameras, real-time viewing of all-round video at the job site, and real-time detection of job status, such as forward rotation, reverse rotation, and air conditioning.

Intelligent monitoring

Comprehensive intelligent monitoring of driving process, ADAS driving abnormal warning (lane departure warning, forward collision warning, front vehicle close-up warning, etc.), DSM fatigue warning (fatigue driving detection, attention detection, bad behavior detection, etc.), abnormal driving behavior Video intelligent forensics and preservation.

Operating cost control

Automatic alarm for abnormal oil quantity and unloading, and automatic generation of oil quantity report and discharge report

4G real-time intercom

The center and the vehicle realize real-time intercom through 4G network, with low delay rate and more convenient communication.

Overspeed video picture alarm

When the speeding time exceeds 30 seconds, it will automatically take a 5-second front video and a photo and upload it to the platform automatically.