Heavy-Duty Vehicle Exhaust Emission OBD Monitoring Solution

Industry Status

In August 2018, GB17691-2018 "Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Pollutant Emission Limits and Test Methods (China's Sixth Stage)" was released, which put forward clear requirements for the diesel vehicle remote monitoring platform.

GB17691-2018: Appendix Q

From stage 6a, vehicles should be equipped with remote emission management on-board terminals that meet the requirements of Appendix Q, and vehicles are encouraged to send data in accordance with the requirements of Appendix Q of this standard. Starting from stage 6b, the manufacturer shall ensure that the vehicle shall transmit data according to the requirements of Appendix Q of this standard during the whole life cycle of the vehicle, and the data shall be received by the competent ecological environment department and the manufacturer.

Program Introduction

The OBD remote monitoring platform solution for heavy-duty diesel vehicles builds a heavy-duty diesel vehicle OBD data networking and analysis platform by combining "system platform + consulting services" to realize OBD data networking and comprehensive analysis applications, combining remote sensing monitoring data and environmental protection Detection data, in-depth excavation of the relationship between vehicle operation status and exhaust emissions, provide support for government departments to carry out targeted diesel vehicle pollution control.

◆OBD data networking: Provide data access to OBD monitoring terminals and enterprise platforms, and develop interfaces to connect with provincial or national OBD monitoring platforms in accordance with National Standards Specification.

◆OBD remote monitoring and management platform for heavy-duty diesel trucks: Provide real-time monitoring, data management, alarm management, traffic analysis, pollution analysis, correlation analysis, and other functions, master the traffic rules of heavy-duty diesel trucks, monitor the running status of vehicles, the characteristics of exhaust emissions and their relationship with operating conditions were analyzed, and the degree of influence of exhaust emissions from propeller-fueled vehicles on state-controlled sites was evaluated.

◆Customized analysis service: Provide report compilation service of diesel vehicle OBD monitoring data and vehicle pollution status analysis.

Core Functions

Travel Analysis

Alarm Analysis

Analysis of the relationship between 

Nox and vehicle running state;

Comparative analysis of pollutant 

discharge of different fleets;

Calculation of vehicle emissions.

Logistics fleet travel analysis in and 

out of the city;

Analysis of the spatial travel of 

trucks/buses in the city.

Alarm in the restricted area of trucks;

Low urea level alarm;

The concentration alarm of SCR downstream nitrogen oxide ;

Investigation and analysis of illegal gas stations.

Match and compare with vehicle inspection line data, remote sensing, and black smoke data;

Excavate high-emission vehicles;

Excavate ultra-fast and over-standard vehicles;

Investigate exhaust gas control fraud.

Linkage Analysis

Data Management

Vehicle registration management;

Vehicle OBD monitoring data management;

Vehicle management unit information management.

Real Time Monitoring

Display the location of the vehicle in real time;

Pollution Analysis


In the form of GIS map, display the information of vehicles equipped with OBD monitoring equipment in the area, including travel information, fault information, driving trajectory, OBD online status, etc., grasp the vehicles travel and the operating status of OBD equipment in real time, and display the remote sensing monitoring data of motor vehicle exhaust.

① Display the OBD real-time and historical monitoring data of the vehicle; 

② Manage the basic information of the vehicle, such as the license plate number, vehicle model, engine model, fuel type, approved load capacity, emission stage, etc.

① Thematic map for the analysis of the travel patterns in and out of the city and the proportion of trips of each logistics fleet; 

② Thematic map for the analysis of the time characteristics of heavy-duty diesel vehicles in the city and the proportion of travel frequency of each road section; 

③ The travel patterns and key driving of heavy-duty diesel vehicles in other places Road segment analysis (such as accessing out-of-town vehicle data)

Combine BD monitoring data with annual inspection data and remote sensing monitoring data to analyze vehicles whose OBD equipment exceeds the standard, whether their annual inspection indicators are abnormal, time interval exceeding the standard, and degree of exceeding the standard, and analyze the relationship between remote sensing monitoring and OBD monitoring data

① According to the restricted area of trucks, you can set up electronic fences to capture and alert vehicles that violate the regulations within the restricted range, and record vehicle information; ② According to the vehicle OBD positioning information, dynamically display the spatiotemporal characteristics of logistics truck travel, you can master the travel rules and key controls road section

According to the travel characteristics and emission characteristics of heavy-duty diesel trucks, combined with the vehicle emission calculation model and the pollution diffusion model, the concentration contribution of heavy-duty diesel vehicles on the road to the air quality monitoring site and the impact of pollution diffusion are simulated, and the ranking of road pollution is analyzed. The potential of reducing the concentration of pollutants at the site provides the necessary data support for the treatment of atmospheric pollution

Real Time Monitoring

Data Management

Linkage Analysis

Travel Analysis

Alarm Function

Pollution Analysis

Solution Advantage

With experience in vehicle pre-installation supply

Rich experience in OBD, T-BOX supply

Support local OBD environmental protection standards

Support environmental protection OBD standards in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dongguan and other places

Data interconnection

Upload and summary of all kinds of motor vehicles exceeding the standard and alarm information in the city

Various models support

Platform-based design, supporting various types of heavy-duty diesel vehicles and light-duty diesel vehicles

Vehicle-grade quality

Device selection according to vehicle-level quality requirements

Comprehensive analysis of Big Data

Contribution traceability analysis of road emissions from air quality sites; trace tracking of emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles exceeding pollution standards