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BMS management and replacement plan for electric vehicle battery

Industry Status

On March 26, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a message that the new mandatory national standard for electric bicycles, "Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycle Safety" was officially implemented on April 15, 2019. The general trend. The low-speed electric vehicle battery must be upgraded from the original lead-acid battery to a lithium battery, and the lithium battery needs to be equipped with a BMS management system.

This has led to the rise of the battery replacement mode. Through the closed-loop system of lithium battery + intelligent battery replacement system + network laying, the battery Internet of Things can be quickly realized and the pain points of users' battery life can be solved.

Charging accident

Spare batteries are inconvenient to carry

Regular charging takes a long time

waste of resources

Scheme introduction

By integrating the intelligent management terminal of the battery, the data such as the location, power and operation information of the battery are collected, and transmitted to the big data of the Internet of Things through the 2G, 4G and NB-IoT networks. The platform conducts statistical analysis and establishes a corresponding information management system for it. On the one hand, it helps the operator to realize the visual management of urban batteries and provides a scientific basis for the operator's decision-making. On the other hand, users can easily realize intelligent battery swap through the user APP.

The intelligent charging cabinet can be placed in residential parking lots, electric vehicle repair shops, streets and other places, and a new battery can be ejected after an empty battery is inserted, realizing the operation of quickly replacing the battery of an electric vehicle with the same type of battery.

Core Functions

Function Introduction

Scheme advantages

Real-time networking

Provide 7*24 hours of networking, escort the daily work of battery management and smart battery swap

Data view

The administrator can view the data of single battery/multi-battery in real time, analyze the uploaded battery alarm through the terminal, and the platform can perform three-dimensional and intuitive display and report query.

Resource Integration

Solve the problems of short life and poor safety of traditional lead-acid batteries, and effectively disperse the high single purchase cost of smart lithium batteries

Monitor battery safety

2G and 4G high-efficiency networks collect abnormal alarm data such as battery voltage, current, power, and temperature throughout the day

Cloud management

The cloud management background can monitor the daily operation of the power exchange cabinet online in real time, realize the management of power exchange cabinets, batteries, store agents, etc., and can check the status of exchange points, income status and card purchases.

Remote operation and maintenance

Combined with multi-dimensional data reports, rich remote scheduling and control functions. Satisfy all daily data processing. Humanized organizational structure management, efficient management cost savings.