Smart Student Card Solution

Industry Status

With the development of the Internet, more and more smart electronic products have entered the campus. Mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles have become the "source of happiness" that students are chasing after. However, students with lower age levels, incomplete mental development, and unclear understanding of virtual reality are easily poisoned by the online world, resulting in poor academic performance and ideological damage.

                  Get lost                                                     Campus Violence                                     Accidental drowning                                 Addicted to Internet

Solution Introduction

The smart campus card is a customized IoT solution specially created by Boshijie for modern campuses. It integrates wireless communication technology and realizes information exchange among teachers, parents and students through the Internet of Things. The intelligent electronic student ID card is used as a communication portal to collect students' daily status (attendance, location, trajectory, alarm information, etc.) and upload them to the cloud server for real-time analysis and calculation. The school conducts intelligent attendance and security management through the cloud platform to solve many problems such as difficulty in attendance at school/off school, loss of contact in emergencies, etc.

ID Card



(Analysis and calculation)

Xiaobo Smart CampusPC Port

Xiaobo Guardian

Parent port

Xiaobo Guardian

Teacher Port

 Management platform + APP 

(Operation, Management, board) 

Core Function

Boshijie Smart Campus Card is different from the traditional ordinary campus student ID card. It uses 4G CAT1 communication technology, satellite positioning technology, RFID and other Internet of Things technologies to focus on primary and secondary school students in and out of school, providing family-school interconnection with family calls, Safe positioning, convenient life and other services. Support wireless calls, long-distance non-contact attendance, real-time check-in when arriving and leaving school! Real-time track playback of the walking route to/from school, parents’ mobile phones can gain the child’s learning and going out information in real time.

Support customization, temperature measurement, answer, waterproof and other function

Parent-child call


Real-time positioning

Alarm clock

SOS Emergency

Pedometer/Classroom Mode

RFID remote attendance

Campus Card

Solution Advantage

The connection size

Connect schools, school information users and parents through product upgrades

Connect the app

Through the smart electronic student ID card, realize and upgrade the campus business and become a necessity of school, family and personal life.

Connection service

Deepen and improve the punch-in mechanism to facilitate school management; indoor and outdoor high-precision positioning + electronic fence + track query to comprehensively ensure the safety of students.

The healthy development of customer inbound business

Each development of a smart student card can expand a sticky mobile user, and can realize long-term retention of multiple numbers at zero cost.