Intelligent Monitoring Solution For Dangerous Goods Transport Vehicle, 

Long-Distance Passenger Vehicles And Tourist Coaches

Industry Current Situation

In recent years, in our road transport major accidents, many involved in long-distance passenger transport vehicles, tourist coaches, dangerous goods transport vehicles. Most of these accidents are caused by drivers' distraction, such as fatigue driving, smoking, and talking on the phone while driving, which greatly increase the risk of accidents.

In 2018, the document issued by the Ministry of Communications clearly required to improve the manufacturing standards of long-distance passenger vehicles, tourist buses, and dangerous goods transportation vehicles, improve safety performance, and enforce the installation of intelligent video monitoring alarm, anti-collision and vehicle safety operation monitoring technical equipment, For vehicles already in operation, the upgrading of safety technology and equipment shall be accelerated.

Brief Introduction

"Boshijie Vehicle AI Active Safety Early Warning System" is based on the vehicle safety intelligent terminal independently developed by Boshijie. Through high-accuracy AI recognition, it realizes the intelligent integration of people, vehicles, roads and clouds. Combined with the latest industry standards and national standards, it provides a driving active safety warning system solution for preventing and reducing accidents for commercial vehicles.

Core Functions

Boshijie intelligent vehicle safety terminal includes: host GF06, DMS camera and ADAS camera. The host adopts vehicle-mounted connectors, and all algorithms are completed locally in the front end. The DMS camera is fixed on pillar A of the vehicle, which can minimize the view occlusion of the driver. The ADAS camera fits seamlessly into the windscreen to reduce glare effects and is suitable for vehicles of different sizes.

Function Introduction

The DSMS camera can be used to monitor whether the driver has other abnormal states such as fatigue driving, smoking, making phone calls, distraction, etc. If the above behavior is detected, a voice alarm will be triggered for intervention.

Forward warning includes intelligent algorithms such as lane departure warning, pedestrian collision warning, etc., which allows the driver to perceive possible dangers in advance, and timely voice reminders can better ensure the safety of the vehicle during driving.

After the emergency alarm is triggered, the monitoring platform automatically pops up the real-time screen in the car, and reports the real-time vehicle positioning information to the public security system, so that the public security can dispatch the police in time and track the vehicles involved, providing valuable time for preventing personal and property damage.

Through face recognition, with the management platform, real-time driver identity confirmation, including boarding recognition and real-time recognition. Detection can be initiated at specified times or conditions as needed.

Status Monitoring

Forward Danger Warning

SOS One-key Alarm

Driver Identification

Solution Advantage

Intelligent Monitoring

Comprehensive intelligent monitoring of the driving process, ADAS driving abnormal warning (lane departure warning, forward collision warning, front vehicle close-up warning, etc.), DMS fatigue warning (fatigue driving detection, attention detection, bad behavior detection, etc.),video intelligent forensics and preservation for abnormal driving behavior. View real-time video remotely through 4G network, and recall historical video at any time.


The real-time video recording and one-key alarm function of the vehicle can generate psychological pressure on the driver or passengers, which can effectively reduce the personal injury or robbery in the vehicle and reduce the accident rate

Visual Management

Maximum support for 8 HD cameras real-time video recording and storage for real-time recording and storage, and the whole vehicle is monitored without dead ends. (Different models support different number of channels)

Big-data Management

The active safety management method of big data and the driver's driving risk assessment are used to score and assess the driver's driving behavior to ensure the service level