Active Safety Management Solution For Taxi/Online Car-Hailing Operation

Industry Current Situation

Detour On Purpose

Personal Injury

Emergency Events

Uneven Scheduling

In recent years, with the rapid development of online car-hailing, people's travel mode has become more and more intelligent and convenient. However, the rapid development of things will inevitably bring hidden dangers. The frequent occurrence of vicious cases of online car-hailing in recent years is proof of this.

The hidden risks of online car-hailing in terms of safety and monitoring have brought many negative impacts, and people have even questioned this mode of travel for a time. As a result, many car-hailing companies have paid a heavy price for this, and relevant companies and government departments have come up with various methods to prevent such incidents from happening.

Brief Introduction

In response to the safety monitoring of online car-hailing, Boshijie has developed a vehicle terminal device with 4G video and positioning functions. The terminal has the function of driving recorder and real-time video monitoring inside and outside the cab. At the same time, it can send the location information to the monitoring department, so that the department can monitor the real-time dynamics of the car-hailing in real time. Once a problem is found, an alarm will be triggered!

At the same time, the terminal supports the ADAS driving assistance system. Through the forward warning functions such as vehicle distance monitoring, front vehicle anti-collision warning, pedestrian anti-collision warning and vehicle departure warning, it can provide active safety warning and prevention for online car-hailing driving, and timely voice reminder or manual intervention to reduce vehicle detours or accidents.

Core Functions

Front And Rear 1080P HD Camera

SOS Alarm Function

ADAS Driving Safety Warning

Remote Listen-In Function

Picture/Video Capture

Intercom Function

Query Driving Track In Real Time

Lock Images In An Emergency Situation

Function Introduction

1. Support real-time video online viewing, remote video playback, video file download, audio and video synchronous playback

2. Video monitoring and picture capture of the driver's seat can effectively regulate the driver's behavior

3. Passenger space monitoring can effectively deter criminals with criminal intent and eliminate danger before it happens

1. The management platform can locate the geographic location of the online car-hailing in real time, so as to achieve real-time monitoring

2. Through the historical playback function, it is possible to monitor whether the driver has malicious detours, privately carrying passengers, etc.

3. The Geo-fence function can effectively eliminate the problem of carrying passengers across regions

1. When a passenger or driver encounters an emergency, the alarm button will trigger a linkage mechanism with the Municipal Traffic Public Security Bureau and the 110 Command Center to issue an alarm

2. The platform can also realize vehicle monitoring functions such as electronic fence area reminder, speeding reminder, fatigue driving alarm, abnormal aggregation monitoring and so on

1. Through the ADAS camera, the surrounding environment can be sensed at any time during the driving process of the car

2. Realize vehicle dangerous driving reminder, front vehicle collision warning, lane deviation warning, reduce accident risk

Comprehensive statistical analysis functions, including active safety alarm and related evidence, mileage report, driving report, alarm statistics, fuel consumption report, temperature report, regional report, parking report, online statistics, etc.

Real-time Video Monitoring

Vehicle Location Management

Alarm Function

ADAS (Optional)

Report Statistics

Solution Advantage

Intelligent Real-time Management

Intelligent real-time management, turning passive into active safety prevention and control, providing real-time automatic monitoring and alarming for online-hailing trucks, reducing operation and management costs

Visual Management

Upload pictures and videos in real time, monitor the driving status of drivers in real time, effectively monitor the safety of goods, and establish a safety monitoring system and emergency response mechanism to ensure the safety of life and property


The real-time video recording and one-key alarm function of the vehicle can generate psychological pressure on the driver or passengers, which can effectively reduce the personal injury or robbery in the vehicle and reduce the accident rate

Big-data Management

The active safety management method of big data and the driver's driving risk assessment are used to score and assess the driver's driving behavior to ensure the service level