IoT Payment Broadcast Cloud Service Solution

Industry Status

In daily life shopping, scan the code to transfer payment is very common, large place like shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping streets, food cities, small place like the roadside stalls, vegetable markets are covered. However, the problem of missed orders and missing orders during peak traffic has become a collection problem for many merchants. Even if each buyer presents payment information, sometimes there are inevitable omissions, and there are even opportunists who use fake payment screenshots. In the long run, this can lead to a lot of losses for merchants, so what can be done?  

The "Smart Cloud Speaker" is an IoT security chip-based "Cloud, Terminal, Communication" chain of independent intellectual property rights scan code payment assistance system, mainly composed of wireless broadcast equipment and cloud IoT device management service platform. When the customer completes the payment at the merchant, the device instantly broadcast the amount of money received.  

Solution Introduction

The code payment assistance system "Smart Cloud Speaker" is docked with the payment institution and the wireless speaker is deployed next to the code plate (code plate can also be customised) required for code payment. When a customer completes payment at a merchant, the payment institution pushes an alert message to the cloud service and the wireless speaker receives the message from the cloud service for broadcasting. Customers and merchants can confirm payment completion while maintaining a social distance. The code supports a variety of payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, Cloud Flash and Flower Instalment, with fast collection response and all-channel payment.  

Core Features

Multi-collection, one code for all


 Combine many major payment channels WeChat, Alipay, Cloud Flash, etc. all in one code.  

Fast response, one second recognition

 Powerful performance and fast response Speedy collection with an average of 1 second per transaction


Supports 2G/4G/WIFI networks Adaptable to various network scenarios

Adjustable volume

 Multi-level volume adjustable Voice clear enough to be hear.  

Low power consumption and long standby

Low power consumption standby up to 5~7 days  

Voices can be customized

Generate exclusive "money received" voice broadcast.  

Solution Advantages

High compatibility

Compatible with Alipay, wechat, bank card, cloud flash payment and other mainstream mobile payment and code scanning collection, support deposit card, credit card swipe collection.  

Scanning code comfortably

Ergonomic design, suitable size, reasonable angle of the code plate design, in line with most people's scanning habits, so that the scanning experience is more comfortable.  


Based on an independently controllable security chip and approved cryptography, the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information is guaranteed.  

Wide application

Specially recommended for: fast food restaurants, barbecue restaurants, snack bars, convenience stores, mini-markets, community shops and other merchants.