Heavy And Light Freight Industry Solutions

Industry Current Situation

When it comes to online-hailing trucks, people who have used them often have mixed reviews. If you use it well, you like its convenient service; if you have a poor experience, you feel that its management is chaotic. It is not uncommon for online-hailing trucks to pick up passengers on the road, because drivers have low entry barriers and lack of training, and some drivers will have unpleasantness with passengers during the driving process. When disputes arise, because the vehicles generally lack audio and video equipment, it is difficult to restore the responsibility for on-site identification, and there are still many shortcomings in the supervision of the online truck platform.

Detour On Purpose

Personal Injury

In-car Disputes

Traffic Accident

Brief Introduction

Combining the current situation of operation management of the heavy truck and online-hailing trucks market industry, Boshijie has customized a complete solution, equipped with vehicle intelligent equipment and safety management platform, in which the safety management platform can be connected with the enterprise platform to help solve key problems in the industry to create an exclusive security platform for enterprises and individuals.

Core Functions

Comprehensive Monitoring 

Of Bad Driving Behaviour

BSD Blind Area Monitoring

Sound And Light Alarm Warning

Local Live Video

Evidence Collection Of 

Accident Disputes

Route Deviation Alarm

SOS Emergency Alarm

Driver ID Verification

Freight Travel Monitoring

Function Introduction

The system safety management platform can be connected with the online-hailing trucks order system. When a dispute or accident occurs between the driver and the passenger, the relevant departments can restore the dispute and accident by checking the audio, video, pictures, positioning, vehicle speed, turn signals, and braking conditions. After that, it provides an effective basis for the determination of responsibility for the incident.

After the emergency alarm is triggered, the monitoring platform automatically pops up the real-time screen in the car, and reports the real-time vehicle positioning information to the public security system, so that the public security can dispatch the police in time and track the vehicles involved, providing valuable time for preventing personal and property damage.

Voice intercom can be turned on in the background of the safety management platform. When danger occurs, voice shouting intervention can be used to act as a deterrent, stop the driver's bad behavior in time and obtain evidence.

When the driving route of the online-hailing trucks deviates from the predetermined route, the vehicle deviation alarm will be generated, which will play an early warning role for passengers and the platform, and stop the deviation behavior in time. In addition, pedestrian collision warning and vehicle collision warning can also reduce the occurrence of vehicle accidents.

Audio And Video Evidence 


Driver Behavior Analysis

Emergency Alarm Application

Out-of-vehicle Risk Prevention

Solution Advantage

Intelligent Real-time Management

Intelligent real-time management, turning passive into active safety prevention and control, providing real-time automatic monitoring and alarming for online-hailing trucks, reducing operation and management costs


The real-time video recording and one-key alarm function of the vehicle can generate psychological pressure on the driver or passengers, which can effectively reduce the personal injury or robbery in the vehicle and reduce the accident rate

Visual Management

Upload pictures and videos in real time, monitor the driving status of drivers in real time, effectively monitor the safety of goods, and establish a safety monitoring system and emergency response mechanism to ensure the safety of life and property

Big-data Management

The active safety management method of big data and the driver's driving risk assessment are used to score and assess the driver's driving behavior to ensure the service level