In June 2009Shenzhen Boshijie was formally establishedIn 2010The company obtained the "Software Copyright Registration Certificate" issued by the National Copyright Administration, and the self-developed equipment passed the DB44 standard certification of Guangdong Province.

In 2011The company was selected as a member of the "National Beidou Office Expert Group"The products have passed the JT/T794, JT/T808 certification of the Ministry of Communications Passed the national standard GB/19056 CCC certification

In 2012The company has been jointly identified as a "National High-tech Enterprise" by the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Committee, the Science and Technology Innovation Committee, the National Taxation Bureau and the Local Taxation Bureau, and has obtained a number of core independent intellectual property rights

In 2013Obtained the support of the "Special Fund for the Development of Satellite Application Industry" of the National Development and Reform CommissionObtain the software enterprise certification;Won the "Top Ten Suppliers in China's Satellite Navigation Industry"

In 2014Passed ISO 9001 quality management system certificationWon the "Guangdong Famous Brand Product"Won the "Longhua New District Quality Progress Award"

In 2015Won the title of "Top Ten Providers of Satellite Navigation and Location Services in China";Passed IATF 16949 system certificationPassed the JT/T796 standard platform certification;

In 2016Huizhou Boshijie was established, Huizhou Industrial Park started constructionBeidou Vehicle Information System Engineering Technology Research Center was established

In 2017The MDVR Division was established to deeply cultivate the field of in-vehicle video;The IOT Division was established to deploy the intelligent Internet of Things.Won the "Top Ten Brands of China's Auto Financial Equipment"

In 2018The company headquarters was successfully relocated to Huizhou; Huizhou Boshijie Industrial Park was officially put into operation;Won the "Top Ten Brands of Vehicle Video Monitoring Equipment in China"Won the "Baidu Map Road Condition Data Co-construction Excellent Partner"

In 2019Won the "Tencent Cloud IOT Excellent Partner"Won the "Top 100 Industrial Taxpayers in Longhua District"Won the "Innovative Brand in China's Internet of Vehicles Industry"

In 2020Established Intelligent Hardware Division, Smart Travel Division, and AI Algorithm CenterWon the "Top 500 Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province"Won the "Outstanding Brand of China's Automotive Safety Electronics"

In 2021Won the "Top 30 Chinese Intelligent Transportation Enterprises"The second phase of the company's industrial park was officially put into use