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Tracking System (Be Tracker) is a cloud-based solution with Google Maps, a simple fleet management platform for overseas customers. There is A dedicated team of software engineers provides the best and most timely service to our customers.

Be Tracker is a secure, open and scalable platform. It can better manage your vehicle and track your assets. And we accept customizing your own platform.

What you can do with Be Tracker?

Real-Time Tracking

Track your car and assets in real-time through website and mobile app

Trajectory Playback

View the trajectory and route of the day

Alarms Record

Upload important alarms to your server

Driver Behavior

Check speed, rapid deceleration, sharp turns, etc

Data Report

From the Report, u can get the details information for your assets


Creat Geo Fence to protect your vehicles and assets

Vehicle Risk Control Management

Because of social and economic pressure, more and more people choose mortgage to buy a car or rent a car. The auto credit risk problem is getting worse.

The application of GPS tracker in automobile insurance industry can prevent and control risks. After the vehicle is fitted with a GPS device, the credit company and bank can know the accurate position and running state of the device at any time, such as speed, direction, route and playback.

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Transport vehicles for dangerous goods refer to special vehicles for transport of dangerous goods such as firecrackers, explosives, petroleum chemicals and special gases. Once an accident occurs, it is extremely dangerous and the consequences are unimaginable.

Aiming at the urgent safety management demand of dangerous goods transport vehicle, BSJ designed the active safety intelligent supervision system including 4G device, centralized monitoring, control and management platform, video playback analysis system and many other contents. To provide a reasonable, stable and comprehensive vehicle video monitoring solutions for dangerous goods transport vehicles.

Public Transport Safety

As a means of transportation for people to live and work every day, the safety of public buses cannot be ignored.

Through electronic fence (area alarm), line deviation alarm, overspeed alarm, segmented speed limit and other technical means to effectively regulate the driving route and speed, to ensure the driving safety; Combined with SD card or hard disk video and 4G real-time video monitoring, it can also eliminate the phenomena such as overspeed, overload, fatigue driving, etc. And is able to make a timely and correct response in the event of an emergency;Through video monitoring technology to ensure the bus management really do a safe management mode.

Smart Fingerprint Padlock Application

Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the smart padlock is convenient and intelligent and easy to manage. At the same time, fingerprint recognition accuracy up to 99.99%!

Fingerprint 360° comprehensive identification, can save multiple sets of fingerprints. Multiple fingerprint extraction, from all aspects of identification admission let you open the lock at the same time as you want, do not worry about the size of the finger.Fingerprint application are making our lives easier.

What makes Be Tracker different ?

High Safety

Platform Stability

Customized Service

IOS and Android APP

Cloud Platform Solutions

Professional Software Engineer Team

Three-month Data Storage

Multiple Languages Customization

Google Map

Simplicity of Operation

Company Fleet Management

Report Analysis