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LH-01 fingerprint lock is beautifully designed and easy to use. It can be used for 5 months after charging for half an hour. It is widely used in student dormitory, gym lockers, luggage and so on. No key required, no APP required. Only need your fingerprint.

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  • Fingerprint recognition Your finger is the password, no need for keys and APP.
  • Number of fingerprint Up to 39 sets of fingerprint.
  • Long standby It can be used for 5 months after full charged.
  • USB charging Built-in 100mAh battery, standby for 5 months (Unlock for times a day), when the battery is low, you can directly use the USB interface to charge.
  • Zinc alloy material Made of high-strength zinc alloy, with 72-hour smoke test, pressure and corrosion resistance.
  • Beautiful design Exquisite design, It is widely used in student dormitory, gym lockers, luggage and so on.




Working voltage

DC 3.7V

Working current


Stand-by current




Working temperature

-20℃ ~ +60℃

Storage temperature range

-25℃ ~ +75℃


About 106g

Battery Capacity


Number of fingerprints

39 Sets


Zinc Alloy

Working Time

Up to 5 months (Unlock 4 times a day)

Status of LED indicator

Charging status

Charging: Red light is always on

Fully charged: Dim red light

Fingerprint entry mode

No administrator: Red light flashes

Have an administrator: Red and blue light flashes 

Restore factory settings

Red and blue light flashes, from slow to quick

Fingerprint Feedback

Enter successfully: Blue light flashes

Enter failed: Red light flashes

Battery feedback

Blue light flashes after unlocking: Battery is normal

Red light flashes after unlocking: Low battery



LH-01 User Manual


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