• The Difference Between Wired And Portable GPS Tracker

      The wired GPS tracker needs to be connected to a power source for power supply, so there is no need to worry about running out of electricity, but it must be installed. Although this installation is not complicated, we still recommend people who understand the circuit to install it, and you need to guide the installation according to the instructions. Avoid irregular installations that cause various problems after the device is installed, such as: the device is not positioning, the positioning is incorrect, and it is easy to fall off, etc.;

      Portable GPS tracker is mainly powered by batteries, so it does not need to be installed, we can choose a hidden location to install it at will. Some batteries of the Portable GPS tracker are disposable and need to be replaced when they are used up. For example, device generally used for auto finance risk control is positioning once a day and has a long standby time of 2 to 3 years. Some Portable GPS tracker can also positioning in real time, so they should be rechargeable device. Rechargeable devices usually have a variety of working modes for you to choose, the modes are different, and the standby time is also different.

      1, Wired GPS tracker

      The more "wire" of wired GPS Tracker than Portable GPS tracker is used to connect the vehicle's power line, ACC line, etc. The working power of wired GPS Tracker is provided by the vehicle. Generally, there is a built-in micro-battery to make the device work even after power failure. 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours to prevent the device line from being maliciously cut and unable to continue working.


      Because the working power of the wired GPS Tracker can be provided by the vehicle, the biggest feature of the wired GPS Tracker is that it can be  positioned in real time for 24 hours. There is no need to worry about the device suddenly running out of power and going offline. In terms of signal strength, the signal of the wired GPS device is also stronger, and the positioning accuracy is relatively better.

      In terms of functions, wired GPS tracker of BSJ is powerful, it can real-time positioning and tracking, cut off fuel remotely, Listen-in, upload various alarms to platform (Overspeed alarm, SOS alarm, Vibration alarm, Power off alarm,etc). And you can get longitude, latitude and Google links via SMS commands. You can also view the trajectory of the vehicle on the vehicle monitoring platform.


      Wired GPS must be connected to the vehicle power cord, the installation location is not flexible enough, can only be installed where there is a power cord, so it is easy to be found and destroyed by criminals and lose its function;

      In addition, the real-time positioning function of wired GPS keeps the device in the signal receiving/transmitting state, and criminals can use GPRS signal jammers/detectors to interfere with the working status of the device or find the installation location of the device.

      Applicable vehicle type:

      Enterprise fleet, bus passenger transportation, tracking investigation, valuable logistics transportation, cargo tracking, vehicle leasing, car loan management, private car and other related industries.

      2, Portable GPS tracker

      The entire device has no external wiring of the Portable GPS tracker, so it cannot obtain external power. The working period of the device is limited by the built-in power supply. The battery life of the Portable GPS tracker is determined by the positioning frequency you set. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, the Portable GPS tracker is generally an ultra-long standby type, which can be used directly for 2 to 3 years without changing the battery or charging.


      GPS positioning time of the Portable GPS tracker is controllable. The device enters the dormant state immediately after the end of the signal transmission. Flexible adjustment can largely avoid the interference of the GPRS signal jammer and the induction of the signal detector, and further improve the anti-dismantling of the device.

      The Portable GPS tracker can be installed without any wiring, so the installation of the Portable GPS tracker is not restricted by the line of the vehicle. It can be placed in any position of the vehicle with the help of strong magnets and magic stickers (pay attention to the signal strength). It has excellent concealment, It is difficult for others to find out the owner of the car, and it has good anti-theft.


      Compared with the wired GPS Tracker, the Portable GPS Tracker has a single function. The location information uploaded by portable devices is the location information of the last location, not the current location information, so unless the car is stolen or other emergency situations Real-time positioning is turned on only after downloading.

      In addition, the signal of the portable GPS device is also slightly worse. Because it is not connected to the car, some state changes of the vehicle cannot be detected, and the timeliness is also poor.

      Applicable vehicle type:

      Vehicle leasing, car loan management, private car, tracking investigation, valuable logistics transportation, bus passenger transportation, cargo tracking and other industries.


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