• From hurricane Harvey to see how does the United States can effectively use freight vehicle networking

    In the past few years, telematics product of American freight industry which integrated disastrous weather notification, has already occur a remarkable rise. This time telematics technology has been tested in hurricane Harvey. This article is to introspect our domestic freight vehicle networking through the application of American freight industry telematics in hurricane Harvey.


    1. Maps update in time and application of big data

    During the hurricane Harvey time, American Geotab has just come out with new maps which update once a week to track commercial freight activities in Houston and surrounding cities. Especially update road closure information in the severe watered out situation that after rainstorm.

    The new maps from Geotab illustrate how a certain area is affected by hurricane Harvey through showing a large reduction in the number of vehicles in a certain period of time in that area with big data technology. According to this data, the company says that the activities of commercial freight convoys in Houston were reduced by 88% within a week ----- from August 21th to August 28th.


    2. Perfect disastrous weather notification mechanism

    According to Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab company, says there were about 52,000 vehicles are configured with Geotab equipment during the hurricane time which includes 8000 vehicles in Houston. It is crucial for us to try our best to help our clients protect drivers safety in the affected area, because we need continue to face the impact of this storm.

    Such data will help commercial teams and emergency workers navigate more secure. Using real-time updated road information can help to bypass hazardous areas or just remind them to stop.

     Mark Hoekzema, chief meteorologist and head of the meteorological department of Geotab, pointed out in an interview early this year that one of the biggest benefits of combining weather data with car networking technology is to improve the safety factor for vehicle drivers .

    The effect of telematics product which integrated disastrous weather notification can be highlight only when external weather information combine with road condition data. Thus to provide a safe reminder for the driver in time.

     According to Hoekzema, logistics companies can improve conveys route by improving efficiency and safety through integrate prdiction model, ground observation and road observation(Including road temperature,road condition and road management), also can better manage contingent accident prevention due to dangerous driving conditions. The ability of real-time road condition and forecast weather data(such as snow, hail, temperature, wind speed, lighting,hurricane, etc.) is possible to ensure the safety of the convey, the efficiency of the road and the safety of the driver.


    3. Road safety has been implemented in detail

    There is no doubt that it can be seen that the United States is very effective in the freight vehicle networking through the hurricane Harvey. Especially through the concerted efforts of government departments and enterprises which have done enough on the real-time update of maps, big data analysis, early warning and humanistic care of drivers. With the start of a fully recovery effort after hurricane Harvey, well see more cases of weather data combined with car-connected products.

    In February 2011, interiorly, the transport ministry has issued the The technical requirements on vehicle terminal technology for road transport vehicle satellite positioning system which officially implemented on May 8, 2011 that the two passengers one crisis  vehicle must be equipped with in-car terminal products. Later, in January 2014, the ministry of transport,the ministry of public security and the state administration of security jointly issued Dynamic supervision and management of road transport vehicles which is the 5th order of 2014 that required to put into effect from July 1st, 2014. From the above we can see Government departements concerned degree about road traffic safety. However, the dynamic management of domestic road transport vehicles is not effective. Many enterprises do not pay enough attention to road safety, but rather to act for the inspection. Of course, the car networking and monitoring platform of two passengers one crisis havent achieve the desired results. In addition, we need to keep up with the times, study technical details, service details form European and American countries.


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