• Which vehicle GPS tracker antenna is better, built-in or built-out?

      T he vehicle GPS tracker antenna has a differentiation of built-in and built-out. Some people have no idea what's the difference between these two whether there's any impact of positioning. Now please allow me to explain what i know to you.


      Built-in antenna: People with bad intentions have trouble finding the device to destroy them because the device is not easily detected after installation with good concealing and high safety factor. However, signal reception is not that good while antenna is built-in. If you don t pay attention to the installation, it 's easily fail to positioning, or the signal is poor so that the location is inaccurate.

      Built-out antenna: It's definitely that gPS signal will be stronger while antenna is built-out which can easily positioning in a large range. While the built-out antenna can let people obviously know that it is for receiving signal. The device has low degree of security that as long as the antenna is cut off, the equipment will be damaged.

      While you are making a choice, see what you re going to do with the GPS tracker. The built-out antenna is better if your aim is to manage your own car except prevent the villain and thief. But if it's for enterprise, rental company, cargo tracking, etc. it will be better with built-in antennawhich is not easy to be found


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